Frequently Asked Questions​

Find answers to the most common questions about Hoosier Housing Help’s rental assistance program.

The U.S. Dept. of Treasury has outlined a number of criteria for eligibility to receive emergency rental assistance funds. Anyone who is obligated to pay rent and has been directly or indirectly seen financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic is encouraged to apply. Assistance is available to renters for rent, utilities, and home energy.

Download a reference guide for Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority’s (“IHCDA’s”) implementation here.

Most Hoosiers can apply for rental assistance through the statewide program at Two counties and one city are running separate rental assistance programs. If you live in Hamilton County, Marion County, or the City of Fort Wayne, you will need to apply to their program first.

Yes, landlords may initiate the process. Both tenants and landlords must participate to receive funding.

The amount of rental assistance is based on the size of the apartment. Fifteen months of assistance is available to each qualifying household. This includes past due rent, utilities, home energy, and forward-facing rent. The state of Indiana is working to distribute more than $400 million in funding in total.

Applicants will be notified if they qualify for the program via the email address provided with their application. To track the real-time status, log into the application portal at

The 2021 CARES Act provided the state of Indiana with Emergency Rental Assistance Funds through the Dept. of the Treasury which are available now through Sept. 2022. The 2021 American Rescue Plan Act provided additional funds available now through Sept. 2025. The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority publishes weekly progress reports concerning households served, funds spent and dollars obligated throughout Indiana.

You can request a facilitation whether you are the tenant or the landlord. To apply for fast-track facilitation (also known as landlord and tenant settlement conference), visit

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Hoosier Housing Help is Indiana’s key resource for pre-eviction support. Hoosier Housing Help opens doors to housing stability by connecting tenants and landlords with vital resources.

Hoosier Housing Help was developed by the Indiana Supreme Court to connect residents statewide with federal funds and assistance programs for rent support. The Indiana Supreme Court launched the Indiana Eviction Task Force in Sept. 2021 to establish a statewide pre-eviction diversion program and improve the distribution of emergency rental assistance funds. The Indiana Eviction Task Force recommended that the Indiana Supreme Court further enhance outreach to those in need in its interim report submitted in Oct. 2021. This recommendation led to the creation of Hoosier Housing Help to provide a resource to track local, state and federal tools for housing stability.

An Eviction Task Force in Indiana has been keeping track of local, state, and federal changes regarding evictions and housing throughout the pandemic. The Eviction Task Force was established by Supreme Court order on September 13, 2021. Hon. Robert R. Altice, Jr., of the Indiana Court of Appeals is the chair. Information on other members and full reports can be found here: